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At Mindagape, we love helping companies realize their business goals through the use of innovative solutions architecture.

We work on architectural strategy, business and technical roadmaps, policies, principles and
guidelines/guard rails. Our team works with stakeholders to define and document solutions
and take the solution through various governance and compliance activities.

Our Enterprise Architecture team has over 40 years of experience in IT from requirements
analysis, software design and architecture, SEO, development, testing and IT project

The company was founded by Eoghan Moriarty, an enterprise architect and precision market strategist, who lives and works in beautiful British Columbia.

We provide an expanding range of project management solutions, CRM system development, strategic communications expertise, SEO and content creation services. Our clients
understand the importance of developing and maintaining an effective digital presence.


In 2014, we launched the Real Hearings public engagement platform. This system of powerful advocacy and engagement tools was developed for any cause. Our strategic communications expertise has been used by multiple grassroots organizations to raise political awareness of community concerns. Over the past several years our system has delivered one million emails to all levels of government in Canada.

Our clients understand the importance of developing and maintaining an effective digital communications strategy.

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Vancouver Island

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At Mindagape we love helping clients realize their dreams. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help at every step of the way. Our friendly and capable team is a pleasure to work with and is there to help you navigate to your destination. If you’d like us to help bring your enterprise to the next level, please get in touch!