Mindagape is firmly committed to building transparent, public engagement solutions for large infrastructure projects. In 2011, I founded Real and since then, we have delivered 500, 000 public comments to elected officials and proponents in British Columbia.

Mindagape works with ambitious and committed non-profits and organizations that care, like the Dogwood BC, Wilderness Committee, Burns Bog, Lush Cosmetics, Net Squared Vancouver, and many others.


We create beautiful and useful change-based, mobile friendly platforms for important causes and projects.

Mindagape has created client platforms utilizing Salesforce, Nationbuilder and Hubspot for organizations that want to punch above their weight like Advanced Safety Paramedics, Dogwood BC, Peace Valley Environment Association, and many others.


From live broadcasting, aerial video and 360 VR projects to multi-camera recordings of complex productions and adventure filmmaking, we have collaborated on many different event productions.

Eoghan has produced, directed and shot many different types of multimedia projects. We provide a wide range of services for productions of different sizes with leading edge equipment and highly skilled professsionals.


Eoghan is a huge advocate of aerial filmmaking and photography and has been flying drones since 2013. Anyone who has embraced this revolutionary technology will agree that it frees your mind.

Mindagape owns and operates the DJI Phantom 4, 3 and Mavic Pro aircraft. We have a perfect safety record, obtain Transport Canada SFOCs where required and have helped non-profits like PVEA bring their opposition to the building of Site C dam into the public eye.



Mindagape Creative was founded by Eoghan Moriarty, a digital storyteller, who lives and works in the beautiful Vancouver area. The company provides a range of IT consulting and creative services from the beautiful Vancouver area.

The Future

The future holds great things!

At Mindagape we are very excited about expanding heavily into digital communications and data intelligence work with our ambitious and committed non-profits and organizations that care. Our event production calendar is becoming more and more booked and we are collaborating extensively across the board.

The Present

Eoghan’s digital strategies like The Real Hearings platform is becoming more and more sought after by partner organizations like Dogwood BC, PVEA, Yellowstone to Yukon and Sierra Club.

Our production and digital marketing portfolio is ever expanding with commercial clients like G4S Security and event productions like Bucketlist Festival Vancouver and The Digital Nonprofit.

The Recent Past

In 2013, he became heavily involved in documenting groups across British Columbia fighting against US thermal coal exports through their communities. When not filming coal trains, recording community events and government motions, he was creating media content and researching the relationships between Port Metro Vancouver and the coal industry.

The Past

Eoghan got started carrying too much camera equipment on wilderness trips to some of the remote places in the world. Over the past decade, many adventures have followed in some of the amazing places on this earth including a solar powered filming trek across the Zanskar region of India and a double helicopter evacuation in 96 hours from Baffin Island.



We want to hear about your next project! We want to hear about what you need help changing about your organization. How do you punch above your weight with limited resources? We would love to hear from you and we love collaboration!

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