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Mindagape is dedicated to delivering high impact creative services. Our transparency advocacy, web design and event production work speaks for itself. We are entirely referral driven and play well with others!

  • Transparency Advocacy

    We are firmly committed to building transparent, public engagement solutions. In 2011, the idea for the Real Hearings system was born. Since then we have processed 30,000 public comments on infrastructure projects in British Columbia.

  • Web Development

    We create beautiful and useful change-based, mobile friendly platforms for important causes and projects.

  • Video Production

    From live broadcasting and event production to adventure and documentary film projects, we have produced, directed and collaborated on many different video projects. We provide a wide range of services for productions of different sizes.


Real Hearings creates accessible, easy to use commenting platforms for organizations working on environment, climate and other progressive campaigns. is dedicated to openness and transparency in government decision making and facilitates public input to decision making processes.

In addition, commenting platforms allow creation of open, searchable archives of public comments for each campaign.  Once comments are sent to government, retains a copy to create an accessible record of public concern.



  • G4S Security
  • Watershed Watch Salmon Society
  • Dogwood Initiative
  • Communities and Coal
  • David Suzuki Organization
  • Fairway Management
  • Neil Squire Society
  • Eoghan is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. His passionate concern for the crucial issues of our time is matched by his commitment and follow through, and it’s a pleasure to work with someone who “walks his talk.”

    Just as important, Eoghan is relentless when it comes to problem solving, whether he’s dealing with technical and software problems or grappling with bigger issues of public communication and motivation. His doggedness is matched by his creativity, with the result that he is always moving us closer to our shared objectives.

    Kevin Washbrook, Director -
  • At Net Squared, Eoghan is our Lead Videographer documenting all events and is the co-producer for our eight-month series on Video for Nonprofits.

    Eoghan has deep technical expertise, from lighting to audio to gear. He created the Net Tuesday video strategy and has planned our hardware and streaming approach so that we have a clear path for the next year as we begin to document our events in a sustainable, affordable way.

    Eli van der Giessen, Founder - Net Squared Vancouver
  • Dogwood Initiative’s Beyond Coal campaign has hired and worked collaboratively with Eoghan on 3 essential and unique websites:, and

    He has served as the videographer for the entire movement to stop the expansion of coal exports in B.C. I can honestly say that the movement could not have come this far without tireless Eoghan’s multimedia work.

    Laura Benson, Beyond Coal Campaigner - Dogwood Initiative
  • We have been able to add a multi media dimension to our emails and blogs that we otherwise would not have. This aspect has shown to increase the popularity of our pieces which has been a great value that Eoghan has contributed to the David Suzuki Foundation and our public outreach initiatives.

    Heidi Hudson, Western Canada Program Coordinator - David Suzuki Foundation
  • I have known Eoghan for over 25 years and above all his professional qualifications, he has established himself as a stalwart friend who possesses a rare strength of character defined by resolve to overcome challenges, an indomitable spirit of adventure, loyalty, consistency and commitment. Eoghan is an intelligent and patient leader, who has a unique passion and zeal for life, which positively effects all those he encounters.

    Ryan Comerford, President - Fairway Management

About Us

Mindagape Creative was founded by Eoghan Moriarty, a digital storyteller, who lives and works in the beautiful Vancouver area. The company provides a range of media and creative services from the beautiful Vancouver area.

On June 20, 2011 Eoghan Moriarty departed Victoria, British Columbia to solo hike the world famous West Coast Trail. Originally built as a maritime rescue and lighthouse support route, the WCT turned 100 years old in 2007. This beautiful hike through classic coastal rainforest and across white sandy beaches took 7 days and was quite a slog because I was carrying food for 12 days. I was planning on hiking the WCT and Juan de Fuca trails one after the other as they are adjacent but the amount of food and camera equipment made this a punishing ordeal.


Eoghan got started carrying too much camera equipment on wilderness trips to some of the remote places in the world. Over the past decade, many adventures have followed in some of the amazing places on this earth including a solar powered filming trek across the Zanskar region of India and a double helicopter evacuation in 96 hours from Baffin Island.

In 2013, he became heavily involved in documenting groups across British Columbia fighting against US thermal coal exports through their communities. When not filming coal trains, recording community events and government motions, Eoghan has been creating media content and researching the relationships between Port Metro Vancouver and the coal industry.

Mindagape owns and operates a wide range of professional equipment and is well used to setting up and capturing media in constantly changing circumstances.

Eoghan co-founded, a website that encourages transparent and public commenting on US thermal coal exports through the jurisdiction of Port Metro Vancouver. Since the enormous success of the Real Hearing concept, Mindagape has been developing public transparency tools for websites to allow citizens to comment publicly on major development projects.



I am extremely passionate about helping clients drive positive social change by making the political process transparent!

Eoghan Moriarty, Founder

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At Mindagape, we are passionate about helping clients drive positive social change along with responsible care for our environment.

We help our clients create unique web and multimedia solutions designed to stimulate interest and produce call to action for their causes.
If you have an existing project that needs refreshing, an developed lofty idea, or even a vision of something great that needs amazing delivery, Mindagape is ready to help.
We love to collaborate and play very well with others.
Go ahead, give us a shout.